Arnold's wish


St. Arnold Janssen
Wished that Catholics and Protesants would pray together for unity in faith.


For that purpose he recommended
the following prayer,
taken from the liturgy of Chrysostomus,
doctor of the Church:


"O Lord Jesus Christ
before Your Passion,
you prayed to your heavenly Father that all who believe in you might be one,
as you are one with the Father.


Look with favour on the prayer that, following your divine example,
we offer for the restoration
of unity among all who confess your holy Name.


Grant, O Lord, that with one voice and one heart we may glorify and praise
your exalted and glorious Name, as well as the name of the Father and of the Holy Spirit, now and forever
and for all eternity.


Arnold Janssen
Principal dates in the Life of Arnold Janssen

November 5, 1837

Arnold Janssen was born in Goch, Germany, Lower Rhine area

1848 - 1861

Diocesan Augustinian College, Gaesdonck

August 15, 1873

Ordained Priest in cathedral of Munster


Teacher in Bocholt

September 8, 1875

Founding of St. Michael Mission Seminary, Steyl

March 2, 1879

Sent first two Missionaries to China


Private consecration to the Holy Spirit, Vienna

December 8, 1889

Foundation of Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit


Send first SVD Missionaries to the United States

December 8,1896

Foundationof Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit
of Perpetual Adoration

Sent first SSpS Missionaries to the United States
October 28, 1908

Gave permission to open St. Mary's Mission Seminary
in Techny, Illinois USA
January 15, 1909

Death in steyl, Netherlands

1935 -1975

Process of Beatification

May 10, 1973

Decree on Heroicity of his Virtues

October 19, 1975

Beatification on World Mission Sunday by Pope Paul VI

October 5, 2003

Canonization of Blessed Arnold Janssen along with
Blessed Joseph Freinademetz by Pope John Paul II

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