Communion with Others

The movement towards globalization and planetization is changing our patterns of collaboration and communication. We are called to join hands with all those who are inspired by the same Spirit, such as our lay partners in mission and those who belong to other organizations, cultures and religions. Our efforts to pormote universal communion would be incomplete without building bridges of friendship with people of other beliefs. Sharing our stories allows us to discover the God of many names and faces.

  • We respect the distinct vocation of our lay partners
    and engage in mutual discernment and decision-making
    for the sake of the mission.
  • We network with other organizations and widen the
    circle of collaboration and friendship.
  • We reverently enter into a dialogue of life and action
    with people of other beliefs.
  • We creatively and responsibly use social media and modern
    technology to share the Good News of God's love.

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