Communion with the
Marginalized and Excluded


The needs of our planet are overwhelming and ever changing. Our Charism calls us to serve those who most need to receive the good news of God's all-inclusive love. Their stories become our story, and our story cannot be told without them. We engage in ongoing communal discernment of our priorities with the eyes of the Good Samaritan: he knew when to stop in order to help and when to place the injured one into the caring hand of others. In our diverse global context, poverty, exclusion, and deprivation take on manifold expressions. Jesus answered the question, "Who is my neighbor?" with a story, not with a definition.

  • We engage in ongoing communal discernment
    of our priorities, sharing our stories and experiences
    to see more clearly who the Lord is calling us to serve.
  • As individuals and communities, we enter the process
    of conversion toward greater communion and friendship
    with those we serve.
  • We identify the root causes of poverty and injustice
    and work for systemic change.
  • We evaluate our existing institutions and ministries and
    adapt them to better respond to the needs of the
    marginalized and excluded.
  • We acknowledge our own poverty and vulnerability and
    accept the help of others.

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