Congregational Directions
"Toward Communion Widening the Circle"


Our story begins in the loving heart of the Triune God.  Out of the loving communion of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, creation was born.  Love is both: the movement inward to deeper communion and outward—inviting others into this communion.

In the fullness of time, the Author of life entered the story.  Empowered by the Spirit, Jesus proclaimed the Reign of God and beckoned all into friendship with the Triune God. By his words and deeds, Jesus invited back to communion all those who, in one way or another, had fallen out of it or had been pushed to the margins. He reached out to all but especially to sinners, the poor, the sick, women, and people of other beliefs. He lived the good news he proclaimed in his stories and parables: No one is excluded from the Reign of God!

The transforming power of the Spirit challenged Jesus to expand his consciousness when he wanted to limit his ministry to his fellow Jews. The Spirit challenged the young Church, too, to share the good news beyond the boundaries of their religion and culture.

The same Spirit filled our Founding Generation with the burning desire to reach out to people far beyond their own horizon, and to share with them the greatest gift of all: the all-inclusive love of God. Their total commitment to mission and sense of purpose sustained them in difficulties and enabled them to make daring decisions and joyful sacrifices. Their audacity continues to inspire us.

As SSpS today, we continue the story our Founding Generation began.  The story of God's love from the beginning of time must be told ever new—in new words, in new lives.  At this 14th General Chapter, we experienced the Spirit—the protagonist of mission—calling us to be "accomplices" in her mission and drawing all into deeper communion with God and in God. We are to be the good news we proclaim. The Spirit impels us to conversion toward deeper communion with God, with others, and with all of creation. In that light, justice, peace, and integrity of creation are not merely something we do; they are at the very heart of our religious missionary vocation toward communion.

Inspired and empowered by the Holy Spirit at this 14th General Chapter, we, SSpS, commit ourselves to the following directions for 2014-2020:

                                  Toward communion widening the circle.


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