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Convent Of the Holy Spirit
319 Waukegan Road, Northfield, IL

Provincial House

Provincial Offices

Provincial Retirement and Healthcare Facility

Founded: 1901

Community Ministry:

  • Providing hospitality for Sisters as well as visitors.

  • Giving spiritual care and support.

  • Supporting all ministries (vocations, pastoral care, administration)
    with prayer and/or services.

  • Coordinating the vocation promotion.

  • Coordinating Justice, Peace and Integration of the Creation (JPIC) and pastoral ministry –
    networking and creating awareness
    on various issues that relate to peace and justice

  • Improving the lives of the Hispanic community by obtaining legal assistance,
    better housing, employment opportunities, etc.

  • Making rosaries for prisons, hospitals, and homes for the aged.

  • Coordinating the Holy Spirit Missionary Association.

  • Supporting Aid for Women Pregnacy Services

  • Working with homeless people

  • Coordinating religious education in inner city Chicago



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