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Human Trafficking

We, the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters, stand in solidarity with the victims of human trafficking and take a corporate stance against the trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation, prostitution, forced labor and/or real or virtual slavery. Through valuing life and promoting the human dignity of each person, we uphold the dignity and human rights of those exploited and journey in building communities and societies of Gospel justice.


From the beginning of our congregation, we have served as women for and with women. "We consider it an important mission to enable women to grow in awareness of their personal dignity and their role in the family, the Church and society" (Constitution 109.3).

The practice of human trafficking exists here in the U.S. and worldwide. It is a violent and inhumane exploitation of the human person and is incompatible with the values of the Gospel; therefore, the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters oppose the trafficking of human persons.

Catholic Social Teaching explains that "All human beings are clothed in the same personal dignity. For this reason they must be respected, and no reason can ever justify their being used at whim, as if they were objects" (Pope Benedict XVI, January 1, 2007).

We, the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters, pledge ourselves to pray for women and children caught in human trafficking, to educate ourselves and others regarding the magnitude, causes and consequences of human trafficking, work for change in society by supporting anti-trafficking legislation and collaborate with others to work to eliminate the root causes of human trafficking and minister to victims of human trafficking.


  • Support and impact victims of trafficking through letter writing, emailing and lobbying for policy change.

  • Network with others on human trafficking.

  • Support the United Nations agenda on anti-trafficking.

  • Read the blog post we wrote on human trafficking for the Chicago Archdiocese Office for Peace and Justice Blog: www.chicagopeaceandjustice.org/do-laws-make-a-difference-in-human-trafficking


Learn about:

  • The magnitude, causes and consequences of human trafficking

  • Key issues of human trafficking here in the USA/Caribbean


  • The rights of trafficking victims

  • Laws concerning human trafficking (local, state, federal and international)

  • How human trafficking is linked with social justice and the Gospel

How should I educate myself and others:

  • Personal contact—listen to survivors' stories

  • Watch documentaries about human trafficking (see Resources)

  • Read articles discussing human trafficking issues

  • Attend discussions, webinars and presentations

  • Learn how to spot the signs of someone who is being trafficked or a person who is trafficking others


  • Collaborate with others to work to eliminate the root causes of human trafficking

  • Network with others to minister to victims of human trafficking in ways that are possible for our province

  • Collaborate with organizations that focus on human trafficking

  • Empower women where we are serving


Our commitment as Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters:

  • Prayer Services and Holy Hours for victims of human trafficking, especially women and children

  • Petitions during our Liturgy

  • Personal prayer to transform the system

  • Ongoing prayer for the release and healing of those who are trafficked

  • Ongoing prayer for the traffickers - for their change of heart and repentance