Guidelines of the HSMA


Caring and loving the world as does the Holy Spirit means to do so as Jesus did.
This involves coming to know Jesus' ways of seeing things and taking on Jesus' values.

Holy Spirit Missionary Association members:

  • Are receptive of the gifts of the Holy Spirit:
    wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, holy fear;

  • Consecrate themselves to the Holy Spirit on the third Monday of each month,
    in unison with the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters
    and other HSMA members throughout the world;

  • Allow time for daily prayers / dialogue with the Holy Spirit;

  • When applicable, participate in the Eucharist on third Mondays;

  • Seek out Jesus' attitude from Scripture, homilies, talks, the SSpS charism or other persons;

  • Make Jesus' love visible in caring for the ecology, religions,
    classes and cultures in some way and in any situation;

  • Participate in any parish effort when possible;

  • Celebrate the feast of Pentecost (or confirmation anniversary).