Goals of the HSMA


The members of the Holy Spirit Missionary Association take on the efforts of the Holy Spirit,
who so loves the world and is committed to the well being of the world.

By Consecrating their lives to God the Holy Spirit, the membership images
the efforts of the Holy Spirit by:

  • Striving to reach out as Jesus did in prayer, peace and justice to persons of all religions,
    classes and cultures, wherever and in whatever situation they find themselves;

  • Deepening their knowledge of the mission of Jesus, the mission of the church,
    in relationship with the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters.

By simply caring for the world the members become associates with
the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters and grow into a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit's love for the world is an attitude of the Trinitarian God
through which members are steeped in the experience of the community of the Blessed Trinity