Bonding with the SSpS

The Holy Spirit Missionary Association is not only strengthened in its baptismal commitment to the world through its bond with the 3,800 Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters, but through all the members of the Association.

As is the Trinity,
the association is internationally bonded to men and women, married and single, young and elderly, and of various faiths from Asia, Africa, Argentina, Austria, Philippines, Germany, Holland, India, Italy, Netherlands, Slovakia, USA…
a membership of more than 70,000 throughout the world.

The Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters from around the world include the Holy Spirit Missionary associates in their prayer, especially on third Mondays and during the Novena before Pentecost. The sisters remember all deceased associates in a special manner.

SSpS Mission, published by the sisters, is sent as an aid to strengthen the missionary vocation of each HSMA member. Through stories of the sisters' ministry in home and overseas countries, members are encouraged in their evangelization in their own circumstance and situation.