Come and See

When John the Baptist introduced Jesus to his disciplesBehold the Lamb of God”they were impelled to follow Jesus, curious to learn about Him. They followed, keeping their distance. Jesus did the first move, turning around and asking them What is it you seek?” Rabbi, where do you live? “Come and see” was Jesus’ simple reply. The seekers had the courageous to follow his invitation and stayed with Him.

We are all called and invited to find out who Jesus is.
We all have an individual vocation
which encompasses our whole lives:
the people we are;
the choices we make;
the lives we live.
Each of us has a special path to follow in life!

Many of the stories in the Bible
are about individuals who have been called,
who have been invited to come and see,
such as Abraham and Sarah,
Moses and Myriam,
Ruth and Judith,
Mary the mother of Jesus,
the apostles and the women in Jesus' company.
They heard God's call and responded to the promptings of the Spirit.

God's is inviting you today to come and see... what might be in store for you.

If you are considering religious life, come and visit us.
We invite you to set aside some time for reflection and to experience our way of life.

We also invite you to participate in the "Come and See Retreats" at the Convent of the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters.