What do women- religious missionaries do?

We make use of our gifts of imagination in order to employ our knowledge, skills, love, wisdom, courage, strength in hardships, creativity, and our spontaneity in the service of others.
We are long-life learners, dedicated to the Lord, always nurturing the great desire to make God's love known, everywhere, all the time and forever.

How do you go about "making disciples" as Jesus told his followers to do?

There is one basic condition that assists us and is common to us all.
Through baptism each person is called to be a disciple of Jesus. In and with the Spirit we bear witness and nurture that call into full discipleship, our own and that of others.

Do missionaries travel a lot?

Some Sisters do; they receive an appointment to take care of a ministry in another country.
Some, due to their administrative position, travel to many countries.
Other Sisters who never leave their native country feel no less being a missionary than those who have served or are serving in other parts of the world. They assist through their prayers, thoughts, and concerns, “traveling” the whole globe.

Do you ever feel homesick?

This depends on the individual. There are times when you miss your family and friends.
However, we do visit our families, are present for special occasions, and can receive visitors.