Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters

We are members of the:

  • Mission Congregation of the Servants of the Holy Spirit.

Our Congregation's name in Latin is:

  • "Congregatio Missionalis Servarum Spiritus Sancti".


  • We are known as SSpS
    - Latin abbreviation of
    Servarum Spiritus Sancti.

Our Congregation was Founded by:

  • St Arnold Janssen
    on December 8, 1889
    in Steyl, the Netherlands

The Logo of our Congregation in the USA:

  • Our logo represents our presence as Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit.
    Each part has a different meaning.
    Dove: Spirit of God
    Inner ring: ourselves
    Cross: the Gospel
    Outer ring: the world
    Water: the earth


A broader explanation can be found here.

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